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Property Master Seminar
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Coach Daryll With Hugh Hilton & Vanilla Ice
 Coach Daryll has spoken on stage to over 2500 entrepreneurs
  •  How to buy your 1st investment property
  •  How to unlock equity in your existing home
  •  3 Tips To Becoming A Property Millionaire In New Zealand
  •  How Daryll Built A Property Portfolio Worth Over 15 Million Dollars In Under 5 Years
  •  Our Rare Strategies That Have Helped Our Clients Buy Over $40 Million Worth Of Property In Under 12 Months
  •  The Property Investment System we use to provide early retirement with passive income (even a beginner with an average income can use the system)
  •  How to safely protect your assets by avoiding the ONE Mistake most rookies make that costs them millions in potential wealth
  •   How to invest using other peoples money
  •  How to create infinite passive income
  •  How to renovate to add value
  •  Attend a FREE Property Master Property Seminar and walk away 
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Property Master Seminar
Invest Wisely Build Wealth
As New Zealand’s leading Property Masters we help you create SECURITY, long term WEALTH and financial INDEPENDENCE for your family.

The Property Master Coaching Team are experienced property investors with multi-million dollar property portfolios in New Zealand. We have bought, renovated and flipped hundreds of properties using our proven step-by-step process. 

We specialise in taking you to a whole new level, with support and guidance to keep you safe every step of the way. Through coaching and in-depth education we will guide you to buy your first home, purchase your first investment property and add to your portfolio to take control of your financial future.
What People Say About The Coaches
Cherie Eilerstein
International Property Mogul
This is a company lead by real property investors! Their track records, & personal Property portfolios speak volumes.
Daryll & Jenny are true Property Masters and their courses show measurable results.
Lisa H
Recent Attendee

Fantastic education for anyone interested in growing wealth through property investment.

Unlike other courses and seminars, Propertymaster is practical learning where the tutors spend their time with you in the field looking at houses, helping you buy and guiding you on renovations.

They say the money’s made in the purchasing. Without in-depth knowledge of the market mistakes can easily be made. This program will help you make the right decisions to save you tens of thousands, and guide you on how to make millions!

I can’t recommend this enough!
Chris O
In the last 12 months the  PropertyMaster coaches have taught me to successfully , trade , renovate, and assign properties in the tricky south Auckland market. From setting up my legal structures to obtaining finance to doing the renos and selling them they have the knowledge & contacts to avoid all the pitfalls. They are also showing me how to purchase hold properties that yield . I wouldnt trust anyone else to mentor & coach me .
Tanya A
Recent Attendee
Your One-Stop-Shop for all things Property. 
I thought I knew it all. Thanks to the Property Master Team, I’m learning more than I expected and it’s changing my life.
Geoff L 
Candice and I joined the Property Master team early in 2018 and have had an amazing journey. 
After running businesses and raising children we knew it was time to invest in our future and be coached by an experienced team to help us build a property portfolio. 
We have had a lot of fun in the past year and with guidance have succeeded in securing  two cashflow positive properties, now fully renovated and are now working on investing into properties to renovate and trade. 
The experience and knowledge from all the Property Master coaches is the best we have ever seen. The “on the Ground” coaching beats classroom training hands down and getting out and about, visiting properties, being on location is both enjoyable and a solid learning experience. 
We could think of no better way to invest in our families future and totally encourage others to do the same 
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